If you have never heard of Sitecore, I can’t blame you. The content management industry is a behemoth with a plethora of solutions and  platforms targeted at easing the process of curating enterprise content.

Sitecore is built on the .NET technology stack, but draws on other open source platforms such as Solr for content search. 

Our installation and experimentation with Sitecore was driven by a client request. They needed to get a bunch to integrators trained for major new website in the fashion sector. Any enough of the background; let’s proceed with the installation requirements:

Windows 10 machine, make sure that you have admin privileges
Install Solr on your server and ensure that you can access it via https://localhost:8983/solr/#/
Turn on the Windows features to enable your server to process ASP,ASP.NET requests as shown in the graphic below

Enabling application development features in windows 10

A successful Sitecore Installation

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